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Commercial Motor Insurance quoting is becoming more stringent in Australia, with major Australian and International Insurers now changing the way they rate new Truck Insurance business.
The changes will provide a stricter No Claims Bonus (NCB) application process for Truck Insurance Quotes, which these insurers say will improve the quality of information they collect for high sum insured risks.
From 22 January 2018, some of the changes affecting Heavy Motor Vehicle classes are outlined as follows for one of the major Insurers:

NCB restrictions on Heavy Motor Vehicle classes
Automatic NCB levels will be adjusted, with Underwriting referral required for any NCB entitlement higher than the automatically accessible levels.  Receipt of written claims history from the previous insurer will be required, before the referral is considered and will determine action for any of these NCB entitlements.
Sum insured …

QBE Truck Insurance Glass Replacement | Transport Insurance

QBE Insurance, and particularly QBE Truck Insurance, QBE Transport Insurance, QBE Commercial Motor insurance and QBE Private Motor Insurance, QBE Car Insurance, which has a longstanding relationship with vehicle glass repair and replacement (VGRR) provider Autoglass in the UK, has revealed an expanded three-year deal to include the latter’s sister companies in Australia, Ireland and USA.

This is great news for current QBE clients as well as Car owners, Truck Owners and Transport Operators looking for and comparing Insurance quotes and Insurance coverage including Truck Insurance Quotes, Transport Insurance Quotes and Car Insurance Quotes and coverage.
A report by Fleet News said Autoglass – the preferred supplier to the insurer’s clients for VGRR and Advanced Driver Assistance Devices (ADAS) calibration services – will also collaborate with QBE on initiatives aimed at enhancing customer experience. Vehicles serviced by Autoglass include buses and those that transport heavy goods.

NTI Truck Insurance promotes road-sharing this Christmas

NTI Truck Insurance Warning
With Australian roads getting busier by the second from the rush of holidaymakers, NTI is urging truck drivers to ensure their safety and that of their co-road users by sharing the road and being aware of less-experienced drivers this Christmas.

The transport and logistics insurer has seen a 3.7% rise in the number of serious truck accidents over the past year, as well as a 7.3% increase in the total cost of accidents, said NTI CEO Tony Clark.

"The lead-up to Christmas is a very busy time with cars often travelling on roads the driver isn’t necessarily familiar with,” Clark said. “At the same time, transport operators are working hard to ensure shelves are stocked – this is a peak time for them. Fatigue, inappropriate overtaking, and underestimating the road conditions can all be a recipe for disaster. All drivers must be mindful of other road users and do their part to ensure everyone reaches their destination safely.”

The NTI boss also urged the tru…

NTI National Transport Insurance Re-Branding

NTI Transport Insurance
Following the announcement of its new marine cargo insurance offering, a leading specialist insurer has launched a new brand identity to reflect the firm’s evolution over its 40 years of operations.

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NTI Re-Branding
In a statement, NTI said its new identity, which includes a “group” brand as well as enhancements to the National Transport Insurance brand, will reflect its “DNA as a specialist, expert, innovator, and service differentiator” in its chosen markets.

“The NTI story has evolved to include our position as a market leader in mobile plant & equipment insurance, as well the leading roadside assistance provider for heavy vehicles,” said NTI CEO Tony Clark.

“With the exciting announcement of Marine Protect: Powered by NTI, the time is right for our visual identity to reflect our p…

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Transport Operator's Insurance packages are available from many of Australia's top Commercial Truck Insurance companies. These Transport Insurance packages provide coverage for not only Comprehensive Truck Insurance, but also Transport Business Public Liability Insurance and Marine Cargo Insurance, all combined in one Commercial Insurance package.

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Public Liability Insurance is essential for any transport business to protect your business and your livelihood. We have options with Liability coverage from 5 Million up to 35 Million. These options are available both as a stand alone Public Liability Insurance policy or as part of a Transport Operator's Insurance package.

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