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Truck Insurance Australia | Transport Operators Insurance

Truck Insurance  Australian Truck Insurance and Commercial Motor Insurance Underwriting has undergone some major changes over the past 12 months. Most notably, a hardening of the Australian Insurance market has seen Truck Insurance Premiums rise by upwards of twenty percent from the previous 12 month period, as well as resulting in the application of stricter and more stringent underwriting guidelines, and the removal of certain types of truck and transport policies and packages form the offerings. Rising Insurance Premiums Whereas there have been premium increases in the vicinity of five to ten percent in other types of General Insurance, such as Household Insurance (Home and Contents Insurance) and Private Motor Vehicle Insurance (Car Insurance), Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance has seen rises of upwards of twenty percent. This is causing stress among Truck and Transport Operator's who are seeking to keep their Truck Insurance premiums form rising and resulting in cli