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Comprehensive Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance If you are an owner of any type of property, it is important that you are adequately insured to protect against damage and loss. This applies to buildings, contents, motor vehicles, equipment, tools and all types of assets. This is especially so if you are in business, and your livelihood depends on the usage of your property. Trucks, in particular, are valuable assets, so having adequate comprehensive truck  insurance is highly important. Comprehensive Truck Insurance Comprehensive Truck Insurance ensures that your truck is insured for damage to your truck from collision, regardless who is at fault, as well as damage to other vehicles and coverage for fire and theft as well. Often, there is not a great difference in price between comprehensive truck insurance and third party insurance.  In any event, third party insurance should only be considered for extremely low value trucks, and only if you are prepared to not not be compensated for damage to your truck or a tota