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Prime Mover Insurance

What is Prime Mover Insurance? Prime Mover Insurance is a specific type of Heavy Haulage Truck Insurance for prime mover trucks. A prime mover is a powered unit which is designed to haul a trailer or trailers. Prime mover trucks are powerful units with a carrying capacity in excess of 10 tonnes. Prime Mover Insurance is offered by Truck Insurance companies who provide insurance for heavy vehicles over 10 tonnes carrying capacity. How to get Prime Mover Insurance The best way to obtain Prime Mover Insurance is by approaching a specialty Truck Insurance Broker who has access to Truck Insurers who offer Prime Mover Insurance for heavy haulage trucks. Prime Mover Insurance in Australia is offered by NTI Insurance, Global Transport, Zurich Insurance and QBE, as well as other insurers as well. These Heavy Haulage insurers are available through an Insurance Broker, and not normally available direct to the public. Hence, it is best to contact an Insurance Broker. Prime Mover Insurance Broker

Transport Operator's Insurance | Truck Insurance

Transport Operator's Truck Insurance  Insurance for Transport Operator's is essential in protection ones' livelihood and also for gaining important contracts. Most transport companies will require Transport Operator's Insurance for Truck Driver's who are contracting their services out to hold a minimum of the following: * Comprehensive Truck Insurance * Public Liability Insurance - Minimum of $10 million or $20 million liability coverage * Marine Cargo Insurance - Carrier's Goods In Transit Insurance Also if you have your own premises or storage involved, you should also ensure you have suitable business package insurance coverage in place as well. Additionally, considering coverage for Business Interruption Insurance and/or Downtime Insurance is also a good idea. If you employ employees, there is also a requirement to have Workers' Compensation Insurance in place as well. If you are an owner operator, you should also consider your own Personal Accident Ins