Prime Mover Insurance

What is Prime Mover Insurance?

Prime Mover Insurance is a specific type of Heavy Haulage Truck Insurance for prime mover trucks. A prime mover is a powered unit which is designed to haul a trailer or trailers. Prime mover trucks are powerful units with a carrying capacity in excess of 10 tonnes. Prime Mover Insurance is offered by Truck Insurance companies who provide insurance for heavy vehicles over 10 tonnes carrying capacity.

How to get Prime Mover Insurance

The best way to obtain Prime Mover Insurance is by approaching a specialty Truck Insurance Broker who has access to Truck Insurers who offer Prime Mover Insurance for heavy haulage trucks. Prime Mover Insurance in Australia is offered by NTI Insurance, Global Transport, Zurich Insurance and QBE, as well as other insurers as well. These Heavy Haulage insurers are available through an Insurance Broker, and not normally available direct to the public. Hence, it is best to contact an Insurance Broker.

Prime Mover Insurance Brokers

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia specialise in Prime Mover Insurance, as well as all other types of Truck Insurance, including Trailer Insurance, Non Owned Trailer In Control Insurance and Rigid Truck Insurance. When you use our services, we represent you as your Broker, and we approach all the major Truck Insurers on the market on your behalf, to obtain the best possible quotes, especially for you. Diford Insurance Brokers can be contacted 7 days per week for Insurance Quotes from all the major International and Australian Insurance companies.

What is the best Prime Mover Truck Insurance? 

The best Truck Insurance for you will vary depending upon your unique circumstances. Some important factors include your exact occupation and nature of business, the type of goods you are carrying, your business and insurance history, exact type of truck and your location and radius travelled. These factors will determine suitability and the price. Coverage and prices can vary significantly among the various truck insurers accordingly.

What is the Cheapest Truck Insurance?

The Cheapest Truck Insurance is not necessarily the best Truck Insurance, as there are a number of other factors that need to be considered. Finding the best coverage at the best possible price is more important than just finding the cheapest insurance which may not include all the coverage that you require. Insurance Brokers have access to a wide array of Insurers and policies, and can therefore compare quotes and consider both coverage and price to find the most suitable policy for your situation. It's important to have a Broker looking after you who can ensure that you ae covered sufficiently as the right price.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Allow Diford Truck Insurance Brokers to compare the best Truck Insurance quotes available. We can be contacted 7 days a week for Quick Truck Insurance Quotes. We not only compare Truck Insurance quotes but we review the market offerings and also provide advice on the most suitable insurance for your needs. Contact us today to compare Insurance Quotes from all the top Insurance companies in Australia.

Truck Insurance Companies | Truck Insurers

Different Truck Insurance companies have varying Insurance risk appetites. That is, they have criteria whereby they will include and exclude certain occupations or types of goods and types and sizes of trucks. Some of the top Insurance companies in Australia are as follows:

- NTI Insurance, Global Transport Insurance: 3.5 - 5 tonne Light Rigid Trucks, 5 - 10 tonne Medium Rigid Trucks, Over 10 tonne Rigid Trucks, Prime Mover Trucks and Trailers

- Zurich Insurance, QBE Insurance: 2 - 5 tonne Light Rigid Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, 5 - 10 tonne Medium Rigid Trucks, Over 10 tonne Rigid Trucks, Prime Mover Trucks and Trailers

- Allianz Insurance, CGU Insurance: 3.5 - 5 tonne Light Rigid Trucks, 5 - 10 tonne Medium Rigid Trucks. These insurers also exclude delivery of goods as an occupation. 

Australian Truck Insurance Brokers

Diford Insurance Truck Insurance Brokers provide Truck Insurance quotes and advice for businesses all over Australia. We are available 7 days per week or Insurance Quotes and Advice by phone, email and website.

Insurance Near Me

Stephen Thomas is an Insurance Broker serving all areas of Australia. Contact Diford Insurance Brokers for Insurance quotes and advice at the following contact points:

Phone: 0487-127-640


Stephen Thomas, Australian Insurance Broker 


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