Truck Insurance Quotes

 Truck Insurance Quotes

Truck Insurance is best accessed through a specialist Truck Insurance Broker who is able to access and compare Truck Insurance quotes from a wide range of commercial motor vehicle insurers. Coverage is available for all types of trucks from light commercial vehicles, including light rigid trucks, to heavy rigid trucks and prime movers. Depending upon the size and usage of the truck, there will be various options with a variety of Truck Insurance companies. A Truck Insurance Broker should have access to all these insurers, including deals which are only available through brokers and intermediaries, and not available directly to the public.

Truck Insurance Broker

A specialist Commercial Insurance Broker will be able to compare Truck Insurance quotes from all the major truck insurers on the market, with coverage available in all Australia states and territories. A Truck Insurance specialist will have access to coverage options for all types of trucks and for all occupations. A Truck Insurance Broker can generally compare Truck Insurance quotes almost instantly and provide a recommendation for coverage which provides the best value and tailored to the insured's unique business situation.

Commercial Insurance

Types of Commercial Insurance associated with Truck Insurance most notably include Public Liability Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, Workers' Compensation or Personal Accident Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance. Other types of Business Insurance are available to cover businesses and occupations of all types, including Commercial Property Insurance or Commercial Building Insurance coverage for business premises,  as well as contents and storage.

Truck Insurance

Types of Truck Insurance include Comprehensive Truck Insurance, including coverage for Rigid Trucks, Prime Mover Trucks and Trailers. Insurers will  also often provide some automatic coverage for Non Owned Trailers In Control, and additional coverage for Material Damage is also available as well. Truck Insurance provides minimum coverage of up to 200 kilometres from the garage address with additional coverage available for wider radius such as 1000 kilometres or Australia wide.

Truck Insurance Companies

Major Truck Insurers on the Australian market include NTI, Global Transport, Zurich, QBE, Allianz, CGU and a host of other commercial insurers and underwriting companies. Most insurers have a varying appetite for various sized trucks, usage and occupations. Transport Operator's, Haulage and Logistics companies are a large part of the trucking industry, but insurers also cater for all other types of industries including earthmoving, civil engineering, landscaping and tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers etc.

Truck Insurers

Main Australian Truck Insurers include the following:

NTI - National Truck Insurance
Global Transport Insurance
Zurich Insurance
QBE Insurance
CGU Insurance
Allianz Insurance
And, many more!

Rigid Truck Insurance

Rigid Truck Insurance for Pantecs, Curtainsider, Tippers and all other types of small, medium and large rigid tricks is available from most Truck Insurers. When insuring a truck it is important to know the GVM and Tare Weight in order to ascertain whether the truck falls in to the 2 to 5 tonne, 5 to 10 tonne or over 10 tonne category. Insurers such as Allianz and CGU will not offer coverage for trucks over 10 tonne, however coverage will be on offer from the other insurers, including their subsidiaries of Global Transport and NTI respectively.

Prime Mover Truck Insurance

Prime Mover Truck Insurance is available from most Truck Insurers, with coverage for the Prime Mover Unit itself as well as additional coverage available for either owned or Non Owned Trailers In Control. Appointing a Truck Insurance Broker will provide the opportunity to compare Truck Insurance quotes from the maximum number of insurers.

Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance includes options for both Owned Trailer Insurance and Non Owned Trailer in Control Insurance. Non Owned Trailer In Control Insurance applies for trailers not owned by the owner of the Prime Move, such as when a transport operator is pulling a trailer that belongs to a transport company they are contracting for.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance also known as Carrier's Goods In Transit, Marine Transit Insurance, or simply Load Insurance, provides coverage for the goods being transported by the transport operator. Minimum coverage is available at a low premium. Likewise, Public Liability is also an associated insurance coverage that is available at a low premium,

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for truck drivers, transport operators and other occupations including tradesmen is available at a low premium. The standard minimum coverage is for $10 million, with $20 million also available for only a little extra premium. Public Liability insurance is essential for anyone in business for themselves, providing coverage for negligence or in the event the operator is sued in the event of an injury occurring.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance or Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance provides coverage for an individual in the event of an injury and/or sickness. It provides more substantial coverage than Workers' Compensation Insurance and could be an option for directors or owners of a business, depending upon the applicable state laws. The insured should ensure all regulatory requirements are met if they are employing employees, including having Workers' Compensation insurance.

Insurance Broker

Diford Insurance Brokers are Commercial Insurance specialists as well as providing all types of general insurance, both commercial and personal insurance.

Contact Diford Insurance Brokers, who will compare Insurance Quotes. Diford Insurance Brokers will compare Truck Insurance Quotes and all types of Personal and Commercial Insurance Quotes.

Stephen Thomas is an Insurance Broker at Diford Insurance Brokers with many years experience in the Financial Services and Insurance industry.


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