Compare Truck Insurance Quotes

Truck Insurance Quotes

When buying a new truck or when your current Truck Insurance is due to expire, the best way to compare Truck Insurance Quotes is to contact an Insurance Broker who can compare quotes from a number of truck insurers, on your behalf,  and provide valuable insurance advice.

Australian Truck Insurance Companies

Truck Insurance Brokers in Australia have access to a wide range of Truck Insurance companies. These Insurance companies have many different policy offerings including Commercial Truck Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Accident Insurance and many others.

Some of the leading Truck Insurers on the Australian market are as follows:

- National Transport Insurance (NTI)
- Global Transport 
- Zurich Insurance
- QBE Insurance
- CGU Insurance
- Allianz Insurance

There are also several other specialty Truck Insurance and companies and Underwriting Agencies that Insurance Brokers have access to, depending upon the type of trade or transport risk.

Truck Insurance Occupations

Truck Insurance is available for all types of trades and occupations including the following:

- Transport Operators, Logistic Companies, Haulage
- Furniture Removalists
- Tow Truck Operators, Car Carriers
- Earthmoving, Earthworks
- Landscaping, Landscapers
- Builders, Carpenters, Handymen
- Many more

Other types of Truck Insurance and Transport Insurance policies are as follows:

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability for truck drivers is available to protect drivers against damage or injuries to others or their property as a result of performing their full business activities. Insurance Brokers have access to both stand alone Business and Public Liability policies as well as Trade Packages, Transport Packages and other Business Packages that can incorporate Public Liability Insurance as well as other types of Insurance including Marine Cargo Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance policies. Public Liability is available with standard liability amounts of $10 million or $20million, and also determined by the business' gross revenue or turnover, number of employees and optional storage and premises.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance, also known as Carrier's Goods in Transit Insurance or Load Insurance, provides insurance coverage for truck drivers who are transporting all types of goods. Marine Cargo Insurance protects truck drivers from losses including loss of or damage to the goods they are carrying. Marine Cargo is calculated on the basis of the maximum dollar value of a load required, as well as the Gross Freight Earnings (turnover) and radius of travel.

Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance Brokers can also incorporate coverage to protect business owners' income in the event of interruption to their trading activities. This type of coverage can be included in most Truck Insurance and Business Insurance packages.

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance is another highly recommended type of insurance for truck drivers. This type of insurance provides coverage in the event of accidents, not only at work, but also away from work and at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of insurance provides superior insurance coverage than Workers' Compensation for business owners.

Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance is available for all types and sizes of trucks including Rigid Trucks and Prime Mover Trucks. Trucks range from Small Rigid Trucks from 2 to 5 tonnes, as well as Medium Rigid Trucks from 5 to 10 trucks, and Heavy Rigid Trucks over 10 tonnes. Prime Mover Insurance for Trucks over 10 tonnes, pulling both Owned Trailers and Non Owned Trailers in Control , is also available from certain specialty Heavy Haulage Truck Insurers

Rigid Truck Insurance

Rigid Truck Insurance is available for Rigid Trucks including Tautliners, Pantecs, Tippers etc for all types of occupations and trades. Premiums will range depending upon the usage, occupation and size of the truck.

Prime Mover Insurance

Prime Mover Truck Insurance is available from insurers provide Heavy Haulage Insurance for articulated trucks such as NTI, Global Transport, Zurich and QBE and others.

Truck Insurance Brokers

Diford Truck Insurance are Insurance Brokers and Truck Insurance Brokers in Australia with over 40 years experience in insurance and operating Australia wide. Contact us for all types of Insurance including Prime Mover Insurance and Rigid Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance Quotes

Contact Stephen Thomas for Truck Insurance Quotes at the following contact points:

Phone: 0487127640

 Stephen Thomas is an Insurance Broker at Diford Insurance Brokers. Contact Diford Insurance for quotes, advice and Insurance in Australia.


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