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Prime Mover Truck Insurance Quotes

Truck Insurance for all types of Prime Movers and Rigid Trucks is available from Commercial Truck Insurance specialists, Diford Truck Insurance Australia. Truck Insurance for Prime Movers and Rigid Trucks is a specialty field, and Diford Truck Insurance Australia has access to all the major Australian Truck Insurers. If you are a Transport Operator or Truck Driver requiring Commercial Truck Insurance, contact Diford Truck Insurance for the best Truck Insurance quotes possible, depending on your trucking business' unique situation.

Prime Movers

Truck Insurance for Prime Mover Trucks and Trailers is essential if you own a Prime Mover Truck. We insure any type of Prime Mover, including the following popular Prime Movers:

 - Kenworth 

- Freightliner

- Western Star

- Scania

- Volvo

- Mack Truck


- Iveco 

- Hino

- Man

- Isuzu

The above list is not exhaustive, but is a sample of popular Prime Mover Trucks available in Australia. 

We insure both new and used Prime Mover Trucks, as well as Truck Insurance Renewals. Contact us for Insurance on Purchases or to review your current Truck Insurance both mid-term and prior to Insurance Renewal.

Prime Mover Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance for Prime Movers provides Comprehensive Truck Insurance for the Prime Mover Tractor Unit with optional additional coverage for trailers and semi-trailers. That is, both Owned Trailers and Non Owned Trailers In Control. We recommend not only Comprehensive Insurance for your Prime Mover, but Comprehensive Insurance for Material Damage to your trailer as well.

Prime Mover Trailer Insurance

As Prime Movers are operated for the purpose of pulling trailers and semi-trailers, Trailer Insurance will ordinarily be required in addition to Insurance for the Prime Mover Truck. It is imperative to protect you and your business in the event of pulling a trailer, and is a normal requirement of clients and contracting companies.

Non-Owned Trailer in Control Insurance

Non-Owned Trailer In Control Insurance (NOTIC Insurance) also known as Trailer in Control Insurance can provide Insurance coverage for Accidental Damage to any Trailer that you may be pulling on behalf of your clients or contracting company that you do not own. There are many different makes, models and styles of trailers, and Trailer Insurance is available to cover most if not all trailers on the market.

Rigid Truck Insurance

In addition to Prime Mover Truck Insurance, Diford Truck Insurance specializes in all types of Truck Insurance including Rigid Truck Insurance. No Matter what type of truck you own and operate, we have access to Truck Insurance for all types of trucks and occupations.

Truck Insurance Near Me

- Diford Insurance Sydney serving all areas of New South Wales and ACT

- Diford Insurance Melbourne serving all areas of Victoria and Tasmania

- Diford Insurance Brisbane and Gold Coast serving all areas of Queensland

- Diford Insurance Adelaide serving all areas of South Australia nd Northern Territory

- Diford Insurance Perth serving all areas of Western Australia

Prime Mover Truck Insurance Broker

Stephen Thomas and Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia are specialists in Australia Truck Insurance. Contact us today for your Prime Mover Truck Insurance Quote, Rigid Truck Insurance Quote and Non-Owned Trailer In Control Insurance Quotes.

Diford Insurance Brokers Australia are Insurance Brokers specializing in all types of Insurance including both Commercial Lines and Personal Lines, offering Insurance in all cities, states and territories of Australia.

Phone: 0487-127-640


How to get Prime Mover Insurance, Truck Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Personal Insurance in Australia - Contact us today for all types of Insurance!


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