Heavy Truck Insurance

Heavy Truck Insurance | Heavy Haulage Truck Insurance

Heavy Truck Insurance refers to Truck Insurance for heavy trucks including heavy rigid trucks and prime movers. Heavy trucks are usually considered trucks that have a carrying capacity of 8 to 10 tonnes and over and used for heavy haulage. Heavy Truck Insurance or Heavy Haulage Insurance is a specialty field offered by a number of specialty truck insurers.

Heavy Truck Insurers

Specialty truck insurers who cater for heavy trucks include NTI, Zurich, Global Transport and QBE along with a number of other international and Australian truck insurance companies. Heavy Truck Insurers cater for heavy rigid trucks as well as prime movers and trailers, and also offer other necessary types of accompanying insurance including marine cargo insurance and public liability insurance.

Heavy Rigid Truck Insurance

Heavy Rigid Truck Insurance is available in all states and territories of Australia, and Diford Truck Insurance Australia are specialists in all types of Rigid Truck Insurance. We provide Heavy Truck Insurance quotes and advice on all most makes and models. We recommend Comprehensive Insurance to protect you and your business from physical damage and liability. Contact us for Heavy Rigid Insurance quotes as well as quotes for all types of trucks and businesses.

Prime Mover Insurance

Prime Mover Insurance is another important type of specialty truck insurance for logistics, heavy haulage and transportation companies and owner operators. Prime Mover Insurance Brokers, Diford Insurance Brokers area available 7 days per week for Prime Mover Insurance quotes and advice. We have access to some of the best Insurance quotes on the market with options to also include Trailer Insurance, Non Owned Trailer In Control Insurance and other necessary coverages such as Marine Cargo and Public Liability.

Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance refers to coverage for trailers being pulled by either prime mover trucks or rigid trucks. We have options for both owned trailers and Non Owned Trailer In Control.

Rigid Truck Insurance

Rigid Truck Insurance ranges from Light Rigid Truck Insurance and Medium Rigid Truck Insurance to Heavy Truck Insurance. Certain insurers such as Allianz and CGU are in the market for light rigid and medium rigid trucks, but will not insure heavy rigid trucks over 10 tonnes. Light Rigid Truck Insurance is for trucks ranging form 2 to 5 tonnes, whereas Medium Rigid Truck Insurance is for truck s between 5 and 10 tonnes.

Public Liability Insurance

Diford Insurance Brokers are also specialists in Business Package Insurance products including Public Liability Insurance. We can also insure commercial buildings, offices, warehouses etc and can include property, contents, storage, glass, theft and other risks. Transport Operator's Public Liability is one of our specialties, which also goes hand in hand with Marine Cargo Insurance.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance which is also known as Carrier's Goods In Transit Insurance, or more simply as Load Insurance, is a high priority for transport operators. Maine Cargo insurance provides insurance coverage for the goods you are transporting. Damage to goods that you are transporting is  not automatically covered under your Truck Insurance policy, therefore a special Cargo policy is necessary to protect you from loss.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Diford Insurance Brokers have been in business for over 40 years and is open 7 days a week to provide some of the best insurance quotes possible.

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