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The best way to obtain the best possible truck insurance coverage is to engage the services of a specialist truck insurance broker, who can protect your business and you and your family in assessing the most suitable coverage for your unique business situation. 

A wide range of commercial truck insurers and commercial motor vehicle insurance products can be accessed by truck insurance brokers, that are not available to the public directly. Therefore, there are a wide range of specialty commercial truck insurance companies that can be sourced by truck insurance brokers, providing access to the best possible quotes that best suit your unique needs. As many of these deals are only available to brokers, you may not be able to find the best possible quotes yourself through the direct market.

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia has over 40 years of organising truck insurance in Australia, and are therefore in a strong position to offer you the most suitable and affordable truck insurance quotes and truck insurance advice.

Insurance Quotes Australia

In Australia, General Insurance consists of a wide variety of personal, professional and commercial insurance products, including commercial truck insurance. For example, personal insurance is suitable for individuals and families for private and personal purposes, whereas professional insurance is applicable for Qualified Professionals giving advice and commercial insurance covers all types of businesses and occupations for commercial purposes. Therefore, truck insurance is a type of Commercial Insurance for business who use commercial trucks to perform their business or transport goods. Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia are experts in providing commercial truck insurance, but are also specialists in all other types of commercial, professional and personal insurance, and have access to all types of policies. Allow us to look at your situation and provide the best possible solutions in terms of coverage and premium with regards to insurance quotes and insurance advice.

. Diford Insurance Brokers Australia has access to all types of Personal, Commercial and Professional Insurance and are experts when it comes to providing insurance quotes and insurance advice.

Commercial Insurance Quotes

Commercial, Professional  and Business Insurance includes a large number of types of insurance as follows:

- Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance, which includes Truck Insurance, as well as Public Liability Insurance and Marine Cargo Insurance. Businesses requiring Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance often require other types of commercial insurance, including Business Interruption Insurance, Workers' Compensation for employees and/or Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance for directors.

- Public Liability Insurance for all types of businesses and occupations, including tradesmen, contractors, transport operators, professional etc.

- Marine Insurance including Carrier's Goods In Transit, Carrier's Marine Transit or Marine Cargo Insurance, Inland Marine Insurance and Ocean Marine Insurance.

- Business Interruption Insurance or Downtime Insurance for covering losses as a result of not being able to trade due to various causes of interruption to operating business, including damage, closures due to an event, or claims.

- Workers' Compensation Insurance or Income Protection Insurance such as Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance for Self Employed persons and employees.

- Commercial Property Insurance or Commercial Building Insurance, which also can include Commercial Property Owner's Legal Liability Insurance, which is also known as Commercial Property Owner's Public Liability. 

Commercial insurance for buildings and contents, and for the businesses that occupy commercial premises are offered as part of a Business Package insurance policy. These business policies include options for covering burglary, fire and various types and causes of property damage, as well as options for  covering glass, money, goods in transit, tax audit, business interruption, cyber liability, management liability, and many others types of coverage.

- Management Liability, Cyber Liability, Employer Liability, Tax Audit Insurance, Event Liability and many other types of Commercial and Business Insurance.

- Professional Indemnity Insurance, which is also sometimes known as Professional Liability Insurance is a type of Professional Insurance that provides coverage for qualified, accredited or credentialed professionals who are in the business of  providing professional advice and recommendation. These types of professionals may include consultants, designers, project managers, architects, financial professionals, accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, doctors, medical professionals and a large array of other professional advisers.

Personal Insurance Quotes

Personal Insurance includes the following types of insurance:

- Private Motor Vehicle Insurance, which most notably includes Car Insurance for sedans, utes (utilities), SUVs etc., Motorcycle Insurance, and Recreational Vehicle or RV Insurance, which could be specifically Motorhome Insurance or Caravan Insurance

-  Income Protection, such as Accident Insurance, including Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance for employees

- Boat Insurance, including for yachts and pleasure crafts

- Household Insurance which includes Home Insurance or Home and Contents Insurance for Home Owners and Owner Occupiers, Tenants and Landlords. Different names are used by various insurance companies for these variations of Household policies, including Renter's Insurance for tenants and Landlord's Insurance for Landlords insuring their investment properties.

These are just a sample of some of the different types of insurance coverage that are available. There are different types of insurance available for almost anything imaginable.

 Other examples include aviation insurance for aircraft such as planes and drones, other types of property insurance, defamation insurance and other types of casualty or liability insurance.

Truck Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions by clients to Truck Insurance Brokers about Truck Insurance are as follows:

What type of Truck Insurance do I need?

Engaging an experienced Truck Insurance Broker and discussing your full business activities and situation is the best way to determine what truck insurance and other types of commercial insurance you may require.

What is the best insurance?

The best truck insurance will depend upon the specifics of  your truck and your unique business situation. An experienced truck insurance broker can assist in determining which truck insurance policies meet your needs based on your business activities and occupation, truck usage, business and insurance history, and type, size and value of your truck.

What is the cheapest insurance?

The cheapest truck insurance is not necessarily the best insurance or the most suitable insurance.  It is imperative that full and correct details are disclosed about your exact business activities, truck usage and business and insurance history. A specialist Truck Insurance Broker can source truck insurance quotes from a range of specialist commercial motor vehicle insurers to determine which available options provide the best value in terms of coverage and premium.

Truck Insurance In Australia
Truck Insurance Quotes

Truck Insurance Broker

A Truck Insurance Broker represents the client in advising on the appropriate types and level of coverage. That is, Truck Insurance Brokers represent the insured, and do not represent or work for the insurers. Also, the Truck Insurance Broker sources truck insurance quotes from a wide number of specialist truck insurers to determine which quotes provide the best value in terms of coverage and premium and meet the insured's needs. 

Truck Insurance Broker in Australia

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia are specialists in Truck Insurance as well as many other types of general insurance in Australia.  Our main personal and commercial insurance specialties include Truck Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Income Protection such as Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Commercial Building Insurance, Home Insurance, Landlord's Insurance and Car Insurance. These types of  insurance may be required by your business, directors and owners of the business, as well as staff, employees and family. We are experts in ensuring all these types of insurance are taken into account, providing insurance quotes and providing insurance advice in all types of general insurance in Australia.

How To Get Insurance In Australia - Truck Insurance Quotes

Commercial Property Insurance

In addition to Truck Insurance, Commercial Building Insurance, also known as Commercial Property Insurance, is another one of our specialties at Diford Insurance Brokers Australia. Commercial Property and Commercial Building Insurance provides coverage for commercial buildings for property damage as well as other optional coverage for contents, equipment and general property for theft. 

Commercial Property Insurance Quotes

Importantly, Commercial Building Insurance for Commercial Properties also offers additional coverage for Property Owner's Public Liability Insurance for the owner of the commercial business. This is also known as Property Owner's Legal Liability Insurance. Commercial property owners should ensure that any tenants also have their own Contents Insurance coverage for their own contents as well as hold their own Public Liability Insurance to the sum insured amount equal to the building owner. Diford Insurance Brokers Australia are highly experienced and skilled in not only truck insurance, but also in providing Commercial Property Insurance quotes and advice.

Truck Insurance

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers has over 40 years experience in Commercial Insurance in Australia, specialising in Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance and Truck Insurance.

Prime Mover Truck Insurance and Rigid Truck Insurance, as well as Trailer Insurance and Non Owned Trailer In Control Insurance are available through a number of reputable and specialist Commercial motor Vehicle and Commercial Truck Insurers, including NTI, Zurich Insurance, Global Transport, QBE, Hollard, CGU,  Allianz and others. 

Truck Insurance Quotes

Commercial Motor Vehicle insurers such as these, provide many options for various occupations, truck usage, types and sizes of commercial trucks. Commercial Motor Vehicle and Truck Insurers cover occupations  such as transport operators, tow truck operators and towing businesses, logistics companies, haulage companies, earthmoving and excavation, contractors, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, landscapers, builders, labourers, carpenters and other tradesmen. Commercial Truck Insurance includes different varieties of rigid truck insurance,  including light commercial vehicle insurance, light rigid truck insurance, medium rigid truck insurance, heavy rigid truck insurance, pantec truck insurance, tipper truck insurance, tautliner truck insurance, curtainsider truck insurance, prime mover truck insurance and trailer insurance.  For your Truck Insurance Quote, contact Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia today

Transport Operator's Insurance

Transport Operator's Insurance is a type of truck insurance which is tailored to suit the needs of businesses who transport goods, such as cartage contractors, towing businesses and car carriers and haulage and logistics companies. Transport Insurance is offered by most of the reputable major commercial truck insurers. Typically, it can cover both owner operator truck drivers and cartage contractors, as well transport, logistics and haulage companies. 

Transport Operator's Insurance Quotes

Transport Operator's Insurance also provides multiple other options for coverage, including Transport Operator's Public Liability, Business Interruption Insurance, Accident and Sickness Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance and Marine Cargo Insurance. Marine Cargo Insurance is essential for insuring any type of goods of value for damage, and is also known as Load Insurance, Carrier's Marine Transit Insurance or Carrier's Goods In Transit Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is essential for any type of business operation or activity where there is a risk of injury to third parties or property damage to other parties property as a result of the business activities. It is available for most occupations, professions and trades, covering business owners and their businesses when being sued for personal injury or loss by the general public, as a result of carrying out their normal business activities. . 

Public Liability Insurance Quotes

Coverage terms and premium, for Public Liability, is offered according to the exact business activities, physical location, annual revenue/turnover, number of employees and occupation. Transport Operators in particular are required to have Public Liability not only for their own protection, but also to meet contractual obligations with their clients.

Transport Operator's Public Liability Insurance

Transport Operator's Public Liability Insurance is essential for any transport operator to safeguard their business and also meet contractual obligations with their clients. Commercial Motor Vehicle Truck Liability Insurance only provides coverage for injury or property damage to third parties caused by the actual truck, but does not provide coverage for damage or injury from loading or unloading, setting up outside of the truck, or any other non-driving business activities. In other words, Transport Operator's Public Liability provides coverage for liability for non-driving activities and  events outside of the truck, that the Commercial Motor Vehicle or Truck Insurance policy will not cover.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance, is a type of  Marine Insurance which provides coverage for damage to goods being transported, which are usually not owned by the driver of the vehicle . Also known as Marine Transit Insurance, Load Insurance or Carrier's Goods In Transit Insurance, this type of insurance will cover damage to goods being transported, while in the vehicle or during the loading and unloading of the goods, and also often including coverage for the theft during the delivery process. In addition, there are other forms of Marine Cargo Insurance which can provide cover for the owner of goods. 

Marine Cargo Insurance Quotes

General Insurance Brokers, and Truck Insurance Brokers in particular,  can ordinarily access a variety of types of Marine cover. Marine insurance is available for all types of circumstances, including transportation by contractors or transportation companies , Inland Marine for the owners of goods within Australia, and Ocean Marine  to provide cover for goods transported internationally overseas for the owner or transport company.  For the most suitable transportation and cargo options, quotes and advice, contact Diford Truck Insurance Australia.

Main Truck Insurers in Australia

- NTI National Transport Insurance

- QBE 

- Global Transport Insurance


- Zurich Insurance

- Hollard

- Allianz

Truck Insurance Quotes

Engaging the services of an experienced Insurance Broker, is the best way to access the most suitable Insurance Quotes, as this ensures access to policies and deals that are not available direct to the public. Insurance Brokers can access these deals though the broker network, and has the benefit of liaising with Insurance Underwriters and other contacts within the insurance companies.

Diford Insurance Brokers Australia are Truck Insurance specialists, Commercial Property Insurance specialists, Homeowners and Landlord Insurance specialists and Personal, Professional and Commercial Insurance specialists.

Contact us today for the following advice and quotes:

- Truck Insurance Quotes, including truck, public liability, marine cargo and transport operators

- Personal, Professional and Commercial Insurance Quotes

- Household and Landlord's Insurance Quotes

- Commercial Property Insurance Quotes 

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers has over 40 years in providing Truck Insurance quotes and advice in Australia.

Australian Truck Insurance Broker

Stephen Thomas is a Personal, Professional and Commercial Insurance Broker at Diford Truck Insurance Australia, available for all types of Insurance quotes, including Truck Insurance Quotes.


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